Covid-19 Risk Mitigation

We do have a plan in place to reduce the risk of transmission of Covid-19. On arrival, we will make guests aware of a small bathroom near the front door where they can wash up when entering Waterfront Harbour B&B and not risk bringing anything into their bedroom.

We will frequently sanitize this bathroom throughout the day. We have masks and hand sanitizer at the entrance if needed. All bedrooms or suites have their own private bathrooms.

We have introduced distancing measures in that we will no longer be seating multiply groups at the same tables for breakfast. We will use both of our dining rooms and our patio dining.

We will use separate salts, peppers, sugar and cream dishes and water pitchers for each group. All tablecloths will be changed and table, chairs, counters, etc. will be sanitized between groups of guests.

The tables will be set and most of the food will be placed on it before guests arrive at the table for the breakfast to limit contact with staff. We will also frequently sanitize doorknobs, counters, handrails, etc.

After each guest leave, we will sanitize keys, iPad, Square reader, etc.

We will clean bedrooms only after guests have left in order to minimize staff contact. We will encourage guests to socialize outdoors weather permitting.

As I worked as an RN in my previous job life, I will be assessing for COVID symptoms and will also discuss with guests on booking or arrival about their own self-monitoring for symptoms and the importance of alerting us.

If any of our staff or myself develop Covid-19 symptoms, we would immediately self isolate and would assess if Waterfront Harbour could continue providing a service to guests.

I hope this helps to assure you that we are concerned about the health of our guests and want to make your stay at Waterfront Harbour as safe but still as enjoyable as possible.